First Appearance Episode 9
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Nozomi Yamamoto


Gender Female
Age 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Planetary Gears
Ai (アイ, Ai?) is the Designer Child that plays host to the Planetary Gear known as Aiatar. Ai is a popular idol. She is the fifth member to be introduced and the 5th to reawaken.


Ai is a fair skinned teenager with blue eyes and short blond hair. Although she's slim and smaller than other female characters she's well developed. Previously she wore different outfits such as a swimsuit, a white flowing dress amongst others, due to her job as an idol. Currently and while outside of her job she wears a black flowing dress, which is more revealing on the upper part of her body where she seemingly wears no undergarment. Her dress has a flowing yellow coloration on the lower part, and a yellow rose on her chest. She also wears long black gloves and a black hat.


Ai was shown to be rather cheerful and lively as an idol, but was secretly shy, insecure and fearful, being afraid of being able to maintain her career, causing a dropping self-esteem.

Upon her reawakening, she becomes much more confident and daring. She displays playfulness in the midst of battle. Despite the fact she awoke up as a Planetary Gear, she still has a certain attachment to her fans, if anything mostly because in her words, she "loves them so much she would eat them", and still performs being the only Planetary Gear to not renounce her human duties. She has a penchant for the phrase "like a vampire", as a reference to her Planetary Gear nature, who are called "Space Vampires". She also tends to speak with rhymes at times, mostly in battle.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As Ai, she is a successful idol, being a top-selling singer and a model. Although she seemingly lacks combat abilities beyond piloting, Ai is a skilled manipulator, being able to easily masquerade her true nature with her idol persona and infiltrate easily using her public figure as a facade.





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