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Designer Takayuki Yanase, Masaki Asai and Takeshi Yoshioka
First Appearance Magical Girl Akari-chan
Unit Type Kiltgang

Machine Goodfellow

Speciality Offensive Combat
Manufacturer Machine Goodfellow
Affiliation Planetary Gears
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
Beam Blaster (Kiltgang)

6 x Support Unit (Kiltgang)
Vampiric Shield (Kiltgang)
Electric Shield (Kiltgang)
Stinger Cannon (Kiltgang)
2 x Shoulder Mounted Cannon (Machine Goodfellow)
Armor (Machine Goodfellow)

Aiatar (アイアタル, Aiataru?) is a Type-5 Kiltgang with a yellow Machine Goodfellow unit is known as Hebihanabi (literally "Fire Flower"). Its humar avatar is Ai.

Perfect FormEdit


In its perfect form, it resembles a flower. Her armor is of mostly yellow coloring. She has several floating "petals" around her dress and a stinger instead of legs.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Aiatar excels in offensive power, being mostly a stationary unit, she uses her large and powerful arsenal to overwhelm her opponents into submission.

  • Beam Blaster: She can shoot energy rings from her dress, these rings have a long range as they were able to hit the Flare Engine before the two encountered.
  • Support Unit: Aiatar can use the petal-esque funnel units around her dress to perform several tasks.
  • Vampiric Shield: Using three units, she can create a barrier that absorbs Orgone Energy, powering herself up and taking no damage.
  • Electric Shield: Using her units, she can trap her target in an electric field, leaving it unable to move and an easy prey for her high offensive power.
  • Stinger Cannon: Aiatar's strongest weapon, the stinger at the center of her lower body can aim at an opponent and fire an incredibly large and powerful Orgone Energy beam, allegedly strong enough to destroy an Impacter in a single hit.

Machine GoodfellowEdit


The Hebihanabi is a mostly bulky and stationary unit, supported by several cannons and a thick armor in order to support its high offensive capabilities.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Like its perfect form, the Hebihanabi excels in offense. It arguably needs no speed or movement as its offensive power is high enough to keep enemies at bay, and is mostly stationed in places difficult to reach to further punish her opponents preventive measures.

Shoulder Cannon: Hebihanabi carriers two large cannons, both of which carry enough offensive power to destroy Ordinary Impacter weapons and even intercepting them in midair in a single blast.

Armor: The Hebihanabi's armor is fairly resilient, it can also resist a blast from the Livlaster although at higher than usual outputs of energy it is still outclassed.

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