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(アルビオン, Arubion)
Designer Masaki Asai

Takeshi Yoshioka

First Appearance The Rainbow of Albion
Unit Type Kiltgang
Speciality Close Combat
Manufacturer Macbeth Enterprises
Affiliation Globe

Planetary Gears(Formerly)

Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
Planetary Sign

Albion (アルビオン?) is a Type-3 Kiltgang with a silver colored Machine Goodfellow unit named Aramusha.

Perfect FormEdit

Albion unlike other Kiltgang units has shown the ability to appear where it chooses instead of being fired from the Planetary Gear ship, doing so when it appeared between Amarok and the Earth Engine using it's rainbow Planetary Sign. Albion is a well-rounded fighter, being able to put its ability to create rainbows to a higher level, being able to create a multicolored beam sword from its hand. He's also capable of creating a rainbow-colored Planetary Sign as a shield to block energy beams.

While fighting Malikin, Albion used it's Ego Block to counter an attack and protect the captured Earth Engine causing a massive explosion that destroyed both Malkin's and its own body. Because Albion's Ego Block was destroyed it is unable to be used again. Although much of his abilities where later installed on the Nebula Engine.

Machine GoodfellowEdit

The Machine Goodfellow's mech has never been seen in the series, only the main pod which was stolen along with Teppei from Macbeth Enterprises during the Kanda incident. Although parts of the Machine Goodfellow are now used in the Nebula Engine according to Peter Westvillage.


  • Albion is one of the oldest names used for the island of Great Britain.
    • Many stories using this name tell of how giants were the founders or inhabitants of Albion.
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