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(アマロック, Amarokku)
Designer Takayuki Yanase Masaki Asai

Takeshi Yoshioka

First Appearance Earth Engine Open Fire!
Unit Type Kiltgang/Machine Goodfellow
Speciality Close Range
Manufacturer Macbeth Enterprises
Affiliation Planetary Gears
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
Laster Rilfe

Amarok (アマロック, Amarokku?) is a Type-1 Kiltgang with a blue Machine Goodfellow unit named Tenrousei. Its avatar is Amara.


Amarok has a thin dark blue body with black armor that covers hit torso and legs. Armor on his shoulders and forearms have spike that protrude in sets of four. Its white head looks similar to that of a wolf skull, with glowing red eyes. This makes it have the resemblance of a wolf in its Perfect Form. 

Weapons & Abilities Edit

Amarok has shown incredible skill with melee combat, easily outclassing the Earth Engine being able to dismember the machine with relative ease, and standing even ground with Bugbear the bulkiest of the Kiltgangs. He uses his great physical prowess with great mobility to assault opponents viciously.

  • Planetary Sign: Spatial Platform: Amarok can summon a Planetary Gear in any location he desires to use it as a stepping platform, which allows him to jump and propulse himself in space quickly. He uses this both offensively to quickly beat an opponent or to jump away to avoid enemy fire.
  • Spherical Shield: Amarok can surround himself in a spherical energy shield consisting of two irregurarly shaped halves. This shield can protect him from projectiles and even deflect them. He can also use this shield on his comrades to put them out of safety, but he must be at close range to do this.
  • Beam Cannon: Seen only in the first opening FMV, Amarok can shoot beams from his mouth. He never used this ability in any episode however.

Machine GoodfellowEdit

Tenrousei, is a blue mobile weapon.Edit

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Tenrousei is fast enough to make hitting it with Livlaster fire difficult. The energy gun that it carries is powerful being able to destroy a armored personal carrier in one shot. The Tenrousei is notable for being the only Machine Goodfellow whose combat style differs from its Kiltgang form, whereas Amarok uses close combat, the Tenrousei is more adept at long range tactics.

  • Rifle: The Tenrousei carries a beam rifle with which he can shoot powerful beams at relatively fast intervals. It potent enough to destroy armored tanks in a single blast.
  • Thruster: The Tenrousei is equipped with flying thrusters on its back, which makes it able to move at great speeds, enough to easily evade Orgone Beams.

History Edit

9 years before present day, Amarok attempted to attack Earth, but was stopped when Daichi Manatsu's father, Taiyou Manatsu, sacrificed his life and destroyed it. It later appeared in episode 3, where Daichi was unable to stop it with his damaged Earth Engine. Teppei, in his Kiltgang form Albion, then intercepted and destroyed Amarok.

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