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(バグベア, Bagubea)
Designer Takayuki Yanase
First Appearance My Town
Unit Type Kiltgang/MachineGoodfellow
Speciality Close Combat
Manufacturer Macbeth Enterprises
Affiliation Planetary Gears
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]

Extendable Limbs

Bugbear (バグベア, Bagubea?) is a Type-7 Kiltgang that has a green Machine Goodfellow unit, Bakuretsujyu. Its avatar is Baku.


Bugbear is the bulkiest of the Kiltgangs, resembling a heavily armored humanoid. Bugbear excels in physical combat using its massive bulk to pulverize opponents into submission, and can easily dominate an enemy that is not as physically adept.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Armor: Bugbear has a heavily thick armor, which he seems to use more offensively than defensively to add more mass to its blows.
  • Blast Knuckle: Bugbear can concentrate energy on his hands which he can use to launch a blast simply by striking extending his fist. He can also use this power for defensive purposes such as deflecting enemy beam simply by striking them.

Machine GoodfellowEdit

The Bakuretsujyu excels in close combat. Even if the opponent is armed, the Bakuretsujyu can approach them quick and disarm them, rendering vulnerable to further punishment.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Extendable Knuckle: The brass knuckles on the Bakuretsujyu possess a mechanism that allows them to extend to at least half its arm's length, allowing the unit to gain an advantage over opponents that fight at close combat, by striking them before they can attack. The strength of the extension is potent enough to save the unit a few moves on its offensive.
  • Extendable Foot: Similar to the knuckles, the Bakuretsujyu's feet are also extendable and can be used to deliver powerful frontal kicks.
  • Slider: The Bakuretsujyu moves mostly using the wheels on its feet, rather than walking, allowing it to keep close on the opponent.
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