Captain Earth: Mind Labyrinth is a game for the Playstation Vita set to be released on February 26th in Japan. The game is placed on an alternate universe based on the dream world from episode 23 A Midsummer Night's Dream


(Warning: The following info comes from a Japanese-only source, as such some of it may be incorrect)

The game is mostly a visual novel, which requires little interaction from the player as the story and its progress is mostly told through its text. The player can use several different characters ranging from Daichi Manatsu, Hana Mutou, Teppei Arashi, Akari Yomatsuri, Amara, Moco and the rest of the Planetary Gears, and can interact with the other characters through different routes in a normal slice of life setting, apart from the main series' more darker and battle-oriented approach.

The game incorporates multiples endings for each character, resulting in some rather unusual relationships possible such as Daichi and Moco being together. These endings also include homosexual relationships between characters, such as Moco with Ai or Baku with Amara.

Other functions of the game include "Touch Mode" in which the players can interact with the characters by "touching" them through the game's cursor, and a minigame called as the "Mind Puzzle" in which the player is required to play through the different characters to complete. The mind puzzle can use pieces from multiple characters and join them to progress further into the puzzle.

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