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First Appearance Knights of Midsummer
Manufacturer Salty Dog
Operators Unmanned

The Cerberus (ケルベロス, Keruberosu?) is an Unmanned Impacter designed by Saltydog to support the Kivotos Plan.


Cerberus is a collection of three drones, each drone are similar. They are a dark purple sphere with a single lens on the front to act as a eye. Semi-circles are attached on either side of the sphere, these semicircles have multiple spike-like protrusions.

Weapons & Abilities []

The Cerberus as its namesake, is a series of three small Impactors that work together in unison performing coordinated attacks. The Cerberus' mechanics and design make it a deadly Hit-and-Run attacker using its mobility to great use.

Magnetic Fields: Cerberus employs a magnetic field that covers each drone, this field contently shifts making the units move chaotically therefore making it difficult to even strike them. Their magnetic field also allows them to move at great speeds often leaving only a purple streak behind. The downside to this, is that if ever one unit is taken down, the remnants are considerably easier to destroy. Full scale attacks in all directions can make this feat easier to accomplish.

Laser: All three Cerberus units have the capability to fire yellow lasers when they get into proximity to their target.


Saltydog were deployed shortly before the attack on Earth by Malkin and Zimbalt. Shortly after engaging the Kiltgang they were taken over by Malkin. They were then used to battle the Nebula Engine and Earth Engine Impactors where they proved themselves a tough opponent, slowly cornering the two Impacters. However forced back to back, the two Engines spin while shooting their armament eventually destroying one of their units. Shortly after the lose of the unit there were retaken by Akari, who turned them back on the Kiltgang. They were then easily destroyed by Malkin's fusilade attack.

The Cerberus is subsequently repaired and placed on the Garm Impacter to serve as its vanguard while the Garm attempted to recover the Blume. Daichi pilots the Earth Engine in an attempt to beat the Cerberus, their battle taking place further and further away from both the Garm and the Blume's trayectory. Although the Cerberus manages to damage the Earth Engine to an extent, Daichi manages to destroy the Cerberus after taking down their units one by one with different attacks, eventually reaching the Blume for its Entagle Link's Hyperspace.