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Daichi Manatsu
First Appearance Earth Engine Open Fire
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Miyu Irino


Gender Male
Age 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Globe

Daichi Manatsu (真夏 ダイチ Manatsu Daichi?) is the main protagonist of the Captain Earth television series. He is the son of Taiyou Manatsu and the pilot of the Earth Engine who is the first human to use a Livlaster.


Daichi is a 17 year old, that has black hair and turquoise eyes. Daichi's casual clothing conists of a shirt that is white in the torso section and red on the shoulders and beyond. A vest is worn below that shirt. He also wears black shorts and brown shoes.




Three months before Taiyou Manatsu's death, Daichi started to explore Tanegashima island. During his exploration Daichi found a secluded Globe base, and on the other side of the fence surrounding the facility was a boy, who asked Daichi about the necklace he wore. Daichi explained it was called the Blue Star and it was given to him by his father. Daichi then proceeded to jump the fence, and in reply to Teppei asking if the jump hurt, he said no  

Skills & Abilities[]


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Daichi is able to summon his Livlaster from any location to himself.


As a Neoteny, Daichi is able to summon and control a Livlaster, a mysterious gun able to generate and fire Orgone energy.


Daichi is able to fire the Livlaster, producing a beam of Orgone energy.


Daichi is able to increase the power of the Livlaster allowing him to hit his target by piercing their armor.


He is also skilled at using boomerangs but is not a marksman, as he has shown he is not skilled at using of firearms.

Entangle Link[]

At the end he was able to master entangle link teleportation, and went from Uranus back to Earth using just the Earth Engine and his Livlaster.


Hana Mutou[]

Hana and Daichi have had a bond ever since he freed her from the ball of water. Hana seems to like him a lot and feared he would hate her if he found out what she truly was. This is why Hana would kiss him only while he was asleep. But in Episode 15 after Hana had run off Daichi kisses her to show he feels the same and that he knew what she was all along


  • Daichi's surname Manatsu means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "summer" (夏) (natsu).