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Earth Engine Ordinary

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(アースエンジン, Āsu Enjin)
Designer Shigeto Koyama
First Appearance Earth Engine Open Fire
Unit Type Engine
Speciality Ranged Combat
Manufacturer Globe
Affiliation Globe
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
Shoulder Mounted Guns

Wrist Mounted Gun


Pasmagnum (Temporary)

The Earth Engine (アースエンジン Āsu Enjin?) is a Impacter built by the organization Globe to defend Earth from the Kiltgang. It is piloted by Daichi Manatsu.


Earth Engine Impacter is the expanded version of the Earth Engine that uses the Earth Engine Ordinary as its base with the other parts being housed on the Sky, Marine and Road Gate satellites. The Road Gate holds the units legs, the Marine Gate holding its body and arms, and with the Sky Gate holding the head.


The Earth Engine Impacter is a large mecha that is colored primarily white and blue. The Earth Engine lacks feet being designed to be piloted in space. It has large bulky armor with shoulder pads that extend far past its head.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit


Earth Engine Ordinary is a mobile suit that is used on Earth. It can be launched into space via rocket to become the base for it's Impacter form or deployed via launcher on a train car. 


Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Expand: When launched into space the Earth Engine Ordinary's leg fold up to its body allowing for other parts to be added to make it the Earth Engine Impactor

Sidearm: In each thigh the Earth Engine holds a gun which fires a Orgone energy Beam

Flight: The Earth Engine has rockets located in it's back that give it the ability to fly.


The Earth Engine was designed some point before Taiyou Manatsu's death, giving him the ability to name the manned Impacter.

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