Flare Engine

Flare Engine Impactor

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(フレアエンジン, Fureaa Enjin)
Designer Shigeto Koyama
First Appearance A Maiden's Tear That Sparkled Through the Night
Unit Type Engine
Speciality Artillery
Manufacturer Globe
Affiliation Globe
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
2 x Shoulder Cannon

The Flare Engine (フレアエンジン, Fureaa Enjin?) is an Impacter built by the organization Globe to defend Earth from the Kiltgang. It is piloted by Hana Mutou.


The Flare Engine Impacter is the expanded version of the Flare Engine that uses the Flare Engine Ordinary, along with other parts being housed on the Sky Gate, Marine Gate and Road Gate satellites. The Road Gate holds the units legs, the Marine Gate holds the body and arms, and with the Sky Gate holding the head.

Appearance Edit

The Flare Engine Impacter as its name suggests, is mostly colored in red and orange armor. Like the Earth Engine and the Nebula Engine Impacters, it has a rather bulky armor.

Weapons & Abilities Edit

The Flare Engine excels in firepower with two cannons on its shoulders capable of shooting enormous Orgone Energy blasts. The cannons can be moved to the waist and fired from its hands for increased firepower and accuracy.


The Flare Engine Ordinary is a mobile suit that is used on Earth. It can be launched into space via rocket to become the base for it's Impacter form or deployed via launcher on a train car. It's weaponry and capabilities are currently unknown, but it is shown to be similar to the Earth Engine and Nebula Engine Ordinary except that it has orange coloration on its armor.

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