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The Garm Engine is a colossal Unmanned Impacter and Saltydog's Ultimate Weapon.


The Garm Engine is a massive Impacter shaped almost resembling a beehive, coloured brown in most of its body with the exception of its hexagonal front with what looks like red panels. It sports six large claw-like apendages surrounding this area.

Weapons & Abilities[]

The Garm Engine is a special Impacter made to capture Kiltgang bodies to support the Kivotos Plan. Being roughly the size of the Tenkaido it uses its massive construction to perform this feat.

  • Beam Cannon: Garm's standart weapon. It can shoot powerful red coloured  beams from its front, allegedly powerful enough to destroy the Kivotos in a single blast. Even using Teppei's DC Livlaster to shield from the blasts can be a difficult feat, showcasing its power.
  • Support Unit: Due to its massive size, the Garm also serves as a port, shipping several much smaller units to support it. Some of these units include the Cerberus and several plane-shaped drones.
    • Capture Ring: While extending its claws, the Garm can use its drones to make several ring shaped formations of growing radius distant from one another. The drones then perform what looks like an eletric field on each of the ringed sections. The size of this entire structure is large enough to cover the Blume.


The Garm is briefly mentioned by Salty Dog's command trio along the Cerberus and the Sarama Engine when they were preparing their plans to secure Hana Mutou in Australia.

After both Impacters failed and the knowledge that Reito Hirosue had failed on his mission, Salty Dog deploys the Garm Engine along the Cerberus to stop Operation Summer as it would involve the use of the Blume which was pivotal for the Kivotos Plan. The Garm unleashed several beams on the Kivotos ship hoping to destroy the Midsummer's Knights but failed due to Teppei's Livlaster's protective abilities. The Garm then deployed the Cerberus but was confronted by Daichi Manatsu piloting the Earth Engine. Daichi proves successful in defeated the Cerberus and Garm initates its Capture Ring while the Blume prepares for an Entangle Link Hyperspace travel, apparently causing Daichi to have visions of an alternate world (which seemingly takes small time of the real world).

Eventually Daichi resolves to fight, and wakes up from the visions managing to reach the Blume and uses the Plasmagnum to shoot at the center of the Garm, blasting the giant Impacter before departing towards the Oberon.