Her Flare
Episode 16 - Her Flare - Title Slate
(フレアの閃光, Furea no Senkou)
Episode Data
Previous True Self
Next Knights of Midsummer
Writer Unknown
Director Unknown
Airing Date
Japanese July 19, 2014
Daichi Manatsu, Teppei Arashi, Akari Yomatsuri, Hana Mutou, Amara, Moco, Baku, Lin, Zin, Ai, Setsuna, Peter Westvillage, Rita Hino, Tsutomu Nishikubo, Masaki Kube, Puck, Tsubaki Yomatsuri, Mia, Rena, Sander, Trias
Mecha [Show/Hide]
Flare Engine, Aiatar,
Her Flare (フレアの閃光, Furea no Senkou?) is the sixteenth episode of Captain Earth



Now finally assembled, the Planetary Gears get the full support of Macbeth Enterprises in their endeavors, unaware of Puck's true intentions. Meanwhile, with Daichi and Teppei still recovering from the last battle, Hana pilots her own machine, the "Flare Engine" to counter another enemy attack. 

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Act TwoEdit



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