The Kanda Incident, was a major scandal involving Macbeth Enterprises that took place several years before series main events, which involved the high executives and the Designer Child.

Profile Edit

During the workings of Macbeth Enterprises under the management of the incident's namesake Takashi Kanda, the company was developing a man-mind controlled interface they could use for a new generation of mobile weapons. In order to more efficiently develop this technology a side project was also worked in parallel, which was the Designer Child project, consisting of the artificial creation of genetically modified children.

However some internal sources of the company leaked information of the projects, which put the company under the scrutiny of several organizations with Macbeth Enterprises being framed of committing human right violations. The company thus was subject of a full investigation involving their assets and had several parties arrested, and the management fundamentally crippled. The Designer Children were all taken under protection of several parties although their true fate was unknown by the public at large and were all eventually separated from each other. Only two of the eight Designer Child, Amara and Moco were spared and kept under the company's eye due to them being placed on a facility in Hawaii when the incident took place.

The event also ended in the cryptic death of the still CEO Kanda on his office, which caused Masaki Kube who was a member of the founding family to take over the company's assets, including a highly advanced computer called Puck.

Aftermath and Speculation Edit

While the incident caused a major change on the company's internal structure, the projects that caused the incident would unbeknown to any party, be the cause of the revival of the Planetary Gears. While the incident took place the media censored almost any kind of information related to the news, not revealing any details about the children or their fate. Policial organizations also ceased any investigation, with parties claiming it was to protect the rights of the already defiled children, while the media portrayed Kanda's death as suicide.

Deep down however it is largely hinted that Kanda was in fact assassinated, as prior to his death he hinted to Kube that he was set up but not by Kube and that he should be careful. Kube suspected the A.I. Puck to have been involved in the murder itself, although the computer denied any involvement, something Kube didn't fully believe.

The Designer Child would grow until their seventeenth year, where the awakened Amara and Moco would reawaken them to start their assault on Earth.

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