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(リン, Rin)
First Appearance On the Windy Planet
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Megumi Han


Gender Female
Age 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Planetary Gears

Lin (リン, Rin?) is the Designer Child that plays host to the Planetary Gear known as Liban. She is the 6th member to be introduced and the 6th to reawaken.


Lin is a rather tall girl for her age, being slightly taller than Daichi. She has slightly tanned skin with clear celestine short hair and light-brown eyes. She used to wear a mostly black motorcycle suit that covered her entire body. Currently she wears a blueish coat-dress covered with a darker layer on her chest and arms, with the lower part of her dress revealing her legs, similar to Chinese dresses. She also wears a pair of short blue-heeled boots and a bluish collar on her neck. Apparently she uses no bra garment.


Lin is a fiercely competitive and secure individual, displaying absolute confidence in her abilities and claiming to be the best biker, as she has the abilities to back these claims. She is a fanatic of speed, racing because she loves being at fast velocities and feeling the wind. After reawakening to her true memories, most of her traits are preserved but are deeper than before, becoming competitively far more aggressive and more arrogant on both her abilities and her true nature, but does not believe herself completely supreme as she acknowledges the skills of others, but shows a great dislike towards both losing and unsettled scores. Her love for speed is also much more prominent, seeking to be faster and faster.




Skills & Abilities[]

Lin is a very skilled biker, being an undefeated racer and skilled enough to make a living out of defeating bikers in the area. After her reawakening she seems to be skilled enough at handling firearms and a competent close-combat fighter as she could push Daichi at a relatively far distance with a single kick.