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A Livlaster is a gun that fires a beam of Orgone Energy. Neoteny is a term used by the Planetary Gears to describe a human with the ability to use a Livlaster.


Livlasters can be summoned at will by their users in a glowing light. The Livlaster can shoot powerful beams of Orgone Energy, strong enough to destroy machinery such as Machine Goodfellows in a single blast. Livlasters can also be used as an energy source due to their ability to unleash Orgone Energy, to power machinery such as the Blume ship or Impacters like the Earth Engine and Nebula Engine. According to Daichi, the use of a Livlaster feels as natural as using one's own limbs, so even if somebody can perform terribly with regular firearms, they can still prove themselves competent with a Livlaster.

Despite their tremendous potential, it seems Livlasters can evolve even further, in what is refered as Ecdysis Mode. Although the details are unclear, Hana was able to direct the Orgone Beams of her Blossom Livlaster, being able to always hit her target regardless of its evasive attempts. It is unknown if all Ecdysis Livlasters share this trait, if it is unique to each one, or if they can evolve any further.

According to Puck, Livlasters are capable of an infinite output of Orgone Energy, if mastered. Also, Globe scientists believe that Livlasters are in fact an extradimensional lifeform that takes the shape of a gun, thus causing what Amara believes is an incompatibility with the Planetary Gears, which is why they can't shoot a Livlaster. The reason for this incompatibilty seemingly resides in the Ego Block as the Livlasters seem to reject beings that possess it.

Known Neotenys[]


  • When a character gains/uses their Livlaster for the first time a recorder is heard play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.