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(モールキン, Mōrukin)

(猛攻 兎, Moukou Usagi)

Designer Masaki Asai

Takayuki Yanase Takeshi Yoshioka

First Appearance Earth Engine Open Fire
Unit Type Kiltgang

Machine Goodfellow

Speciality Ranged Combat
Manufacturer Macbeth Enterprises
Affiliation Planetary Gears
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
Planetary Sign

Malkin (モールキン, Mōrukin?) is a Type-2 Kiltgang with a pink Machine Goodfellow unit known as Moukouto Usagi (literally "Assault Rabbit"). It's human avatar is Moco.

Perfect FormEdit

In it's Perfect Form it resembles a rabbit with her prolongued ears. Malkin excels in long-range combat mostly attacking from a distance with powerful beam blasts of varying forms. She couples this with her great maneuvearability, making her a deadly hit and run combatant.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Palm Beam: Malkin releases energy blasts from her hands in the form of spheric bursts or beam shaped.
    • Arrow Beam: One of Malkin's strongest attacks. She concentrates energy in the form of a large arrow. This arrow is allegedly powerful enough to destroy Impacters like the Earth Engine and even Kiltgang bodies like Amarok in a single blast, however due to Albion's interference its true power is unknown.
    • Planetary Sign: Fusilade Beam: One of Malkin's strongest attacks. She summons two Planetary Signs from her hands then places both her hands to face sideways while spinning. The Planetary Signs then unleash a beam shower barraging any and all targets in front of her from multiple directions. Useful to destroy several targets at once.
  • Hacking Jammer: Malkin is able to use her Singularity to hack into Unmanned Impacters. The degree of which she can do so seems to be limited, as she never bothered to use this attack against regular Impacters, but was able to take control over the Cerberus, although this is possibly only a lack of interest towards said Impacters.

Machine GoodfellowEdit

Like her Perfect Form, Malkin's Moukouto Usagi is designed for long distance combat and evasive maneuvers.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Dual Submachine Gun: The Moukouto Usagi comes with a pair of Submachine Guns which are powerful enough to beat Ordinary Impacters into submission with repeated fire. Although she has two weapons in her artwork, she merely used one in its first appearance due to taking Hana hostage, suggesting she has a storage for her weapons.
  • Thruster: She comes equipped with four winged thrusters for flight.
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