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First Appearance Unknown
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Maaya Sakamoto


Gender Female
Age 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Planetary Gears

Moco (モコ Moko?) is the human avatar of the Kiltgang Malkin and a member of the Planetary Gears. She is one of the main antagonists, co-leading the Planetary Gears alongside Amara.


Moco appears to be an extremely curvaceous pale-skinned girl with pink hair that is tied up in two pigtails by two large purple bands with square bangs in the middle, pink eyes and large breasts.

Her outfit follows the design of a simple lingerie; a pink and black striped bikini top covered with an open midriff jacket with puffed sleeves and neck. She has pink gloves and incredibly short shorts unbuttoned with suspender straps attaching pink stockings. She has large triangle earrings and black pumps and a pink choker with a red heart. She also appears to wear makeup over her eyes.


Like the rest of the Planetary Gears, Moco firmly believes on her superiority over other races, and shows scorn towards non-immortal beings, only refraining herself from killing others in an otherwise dangerous situation just because she does not want to "waste food", referring to the fact that humans provide libido. Moco appears to be quite flirtatious, using her attractive appearance. On the same sense she appears to be quite playful, piloting her Kiltgang form with suggestive movements.

Noteworthy however is the fact that unlike the rest of the Kiltgang, she does seem to have taken a liking to her human body, while the others are more apathetic towards them. She has reflected on if the wind feels good multiple times after mentioned by Daichi Manatsu.




Skills & Abilities[]

Moco is shown to be a skilled hacker as she is able to trespass security easily and support her comrades from afar, albeit her abilities are inferior to Akari Yomatsuri. She can also wield firearms with great accuracy, and was more than confident for being a match against Globe despite being outnumbered.


  • Maaya Sakamoto, Moco's seiyuu, is married to fellow seiyuu Ken'ichi Suzumura, who voices Amara.

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  • Moco seems to like bunnies as she names her trademark virus the "Moco's Pink Bunny".
    • She also refers to herself as a "lovey-dovey bunny".