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First Appearance Earth Engine Open Fire
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Unknown


Gender Female
Age Unknown if any.
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Daichi Manatsu

The Mysterious Girl is a recurring supportive character who mostly appears as a mysterious blue-haired girl when Daichi Manatsu seems to be lost or needs a push in the right direction. Her origins as well as her nature are largely unknown and she is the subject of much debate and speculation between fans.


She is a calm person when she appears, although she often smiles. She appears to be mute as she never talks and only communicates herself with actions and facial expressions.


She is a mysterious young girl that is possible anywhere from 8 to 11 years of age due to the school uniform she wears, which consists of navy beret, navy blue sailor school uniform with a black tie, black stocking and white and red indoor shoes, and standard red Japanese school randoseru (backpack), with a recorder visible, implying she's no older than 12 at most, around elementary-school age.

Speculation and TheoriesEdit

.A more recent theory suggests that she is in fact Pitz's personification, due to the fact they share the same coloration, that is pale skin and blue clothing (which mirrors Pitz's white and blue colours) as well as having the same colour of their eyes. This being a possible reason of why she does not speak.

The support theory for Pitz's personification became higher after the last scene of the last episode, as the mysterious girl show up behind Daichi kissing Hana, disappeared and the next moment climb up as Pitz to the sleeping Hana.

Another support theory is when Daichi first introduce to the Livlaster, It was the mysterious blue girl who showed Daichi the inactive Livlaster. IF the blue girl is Livlaster, then that means she cannot appear in front of daichi at the same time with the Livlaster, but she is clearly there to show Daichi the Livlaster, further proving blue girl is Pitz.


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