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Nebula Engine Ordinary

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(ネビュラエンジン, Nebyura Enjin)
Designer Shigeto Koyama
First Appearance On the Windy Planet
Unit Type Engine
Speciality Mid-Range
Manufacturer Globe
Affiliation Globe
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
Arm Orgone Saber

The Nebula Engine (ネビュラエンジン, Nebyura Enjin?) is an Impacter built by the organization Globe to defend the Earth, it is piloted by Teppei Arashi. The Nebula Engine Ordinary was built using parts from Teppei's Machine Goodfellow, the Aramusha.


Nebula Engine Impacter is the expanded version of the Nebula Engine that uses the Nebula Engine Ordinary, along with other parts being housed on the Sky GateMarine Gate and Road Gate satellites. The Road Gate holds the units legs, the Marine Gate holds the body and arms, and with the Sky Gate holding the head.


The Impacter's head appears to have fangs. The Nebula Engine Impacter is primarily blue and with visibly less bulky armor than the Earth Engine.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

The Nebula Engine seemingly lacks the ability to use its hands, instead it has two openings from which it releases Orgone Energy blasts and a Orgone Energy sword. It has two Orgone Energy cannons on it's arms that can also produce a green diamond-shaped shield. The "wrists" of the Nebula Engine are equipped with special devices to create an Orgone Energy shield. Both of these abilities are apparently based on Teppei's Albion form and are created from his Livlaster's Orgone Energy.



Nebula Engine Ordinary is a mobile suit that is used on Earth. It can be launched into space via rocket to become the base for it's Impacter form or deployed via launcher on a train car. 

Appearance Edit

The Nebula Engine Ordinary resembles the Earth Engine Ordinary except with blue coloration on its armor where the Earth Engine has red.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Currently it is unknown what equipment this Ordinary possesses but it is probably similar to that of its Earth Engine counterpart.

History Edit

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