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(オベロン, Oberon)
First Appearance Unknown
Manufacturer Planetary Gears
Captains Unknown
Crew Unknown

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The Oberon (オベロン, Oberon?) is the name of the Planetary Gears' mothership that is orbiting around Uranus.


The Oberon is an oval-shaped black starship with a blueish green ring with a perpendicular orbit. It is massive in size, dwarfing enormous machines such as the Blume or the equally colossal Robin Goodfellow.

Its interior resembles a purple coloured cloudy sky with several crystaline structures floating or connected through thin-cables, that resemble clothing.

The center contains "The Cocoon" the core of the mothership and its main computer, that houses the Ego Blocks. It is located on an equally cloudy area with several crystaline rocks some of which are purple and some of which are of a greenish blue colour. The Cocoon itself is a construction with a green arachnid appearance. The Coccon itself sits on the launchimg platform.

Weapons & Equipment[]

The Oberon is a massive spaceship with a complex defensive system, involving a high amount of weaponry.

  • Primary Support Unit: Its primary defense is a flower shaped beam cannon that orbits around the Oberon. However shall this unit fall, the secondary system activates.
    • Secondary Support Unit: If the primary defense falls, the secondary defense activates, unleashing a massive swarm of drones that attempt to annihilate the intruder through sheer numbers. They can all shoot beams.
  • Launching Platform: Deep below The Cocoon, the launching platforms allows the Ego Blocks stocked in the Cocoon to be propelled and teleported through "Entangle Link" causing the aforementioned Ego Block to manifest as a Kiltgang in the destined location.
  • Renegeration Chamber: If Siren is in proximity, she can use The Cocoon to regenerate any destroyed Ego Block and resurrect its respective Kiltgang.


  • Oberon is the King of fairies in medieval literature. He is best know as a character in William Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream"  
  • Oberon is also the name of a preexisting moon orbiting Uranus.