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The Planetary Gears (遊星歯車装置 Yūsei haguruma sōchi?) are an alien force who travel to planets and dry them of their libido for their own food. The Planetary Gears serve as the series' main antagonists.


Several years before the series timeline, the Planetary Gears have traveled along the space, seeking planets with Orgone Energy to strip them of that energy for their personal growth, being described as "Space Vampires".

During their travels they stumbled upon the Solar System and saw the potential for a new life-form to appear and evolve for their needs, where it is presumed they went to sleep waiting their chance, creating a living weapon known as Hana Muto for their purpose leaving her on Earth, while their mother-ship, Oberon was stationed in Uranus.

Years later, a company known as Macbeth Enterprises developed a group of genetically modified children known as Designer Children, to serve as pilots for mobile weapons. These weapons would be known as Machine Goodfellows and run off of Orgone Energy. However the company was discovered from doing illegal genetic work on the children, after which they seemingly lost control of all but two of them, named Amara and Moco who were in secluded base built by Seton Company in the Hawaii Islands.

During this time the Macbeth Enterprise came under the control of Masaki Kube, a member of its founding family, who wanted to rule humanity. The Planetary Gears would wipe out the humanity but his selected humans, the members of the Kivotos Plan.

Nine years before the series time, he allowed Amara to enter a Machine Goodfellow which supplied him with Orgone Energy, causing him to awaken as the Kiltgang Amarok, whose true form managed to assault the Daedalus Base stripping everybody of their libidos, leaving a large crystal on the Moon's dark side, and attempting an attack on Earth but failing when Star Emblem's pilot Taiyou Manatsu sacrificed himself to stop him.

Following this incident, Moco recovered her memories through Amara shortly after, plotting together and waiting their chance to drain Earth of its Orgone, leading the group known as the Planetary Gears.


Several years later, Amara and Moco working with Macbeth Enterprises, notice an strange phenomenon of a ring shaped rainbow floating, which they dub as the Albion Rainbow, which they take as a signal that their companion Albion may have awakened. Amara has Moco enter her own Machine Goodfellow and fuels the machine so she can awaken her Type-2 Kiltgang form to attack Earth.

M  Moco transforms into her Malkin form and begins and quickly attempts to assault the Earth, but is intercepted by several orbital impacters that try to shoot her down but to no avail as she protects herself and destroys any opposition. Unexpectedly Malkin faces the Earth Engine piloted by Daichi Manatsu, a surprise to Tanegashima's Globe Director Tsutomu Nishikubo but his lack of piloting experience make him a rather easy opponent for her, prompting, Akari Yomatsuri under the name "Code Pappilion" to hack the system and pilot it herself, but having difficulties using indirect control, faring not much better against Malkin. In a desperate move, Daichi pilots the large mecha himself putting himself at close range with Malkin and blasting the menace, stopping her threat temporarily. Seeing the unexpected interference, Amara later kisses Moco and gets a glimpse of her memories noticing their opponent uses a Livlaster prompting them to re-plan their strategy.

Eventually Amara decides to take on the Earth Engine and destroy it along Earth as Moco charges Amara's Machine Goodfellow with an Orgone Capsule, causing him to perform an Abreaction and transform into the Type-1 Kiltgang Amarok. Globe monitors Amarok's arrival and identifies it as the same Kiltgang that ravage the moon and destroyed the Star Emblem. Using this information to his advantage, Salty Dog member Reito Hirosue informs Daichi of this fact trying to prompt him to face Amarok for revenge and have him operate a still unrepairable Earth Engine in the hopes of having Daichi killed in combat so that he is not an obstacle in securing Hana and advance with the Kivotos Plan.

Using energy shields and his own speed and power, Amarok is able to break his way through the Impacters until he's faced by the Earth Engine, as Daichi decides to fight to keep the duty his father did years ago. However the large machine on its weakened state is unable to face Amarok properly as he easily bombards the Earth Engine with heavy physical blows. Intending to finish the job quickly Amarok rushes at the Earth Engine, however having sensing the threat of Amarok, Hana had Teppei install himself in a Machine Goodfellow while providing Orgone Energy through her singing, which causes Teppei to transform into the Type-3 Kiltgang Albion during the combat, interrupting Amarok, who was more than rejoiced of seeing his comrade back. However and much to his disbelief Albion summons his blade and thrusts through Amarok's face before slicing him, thus destroying his body temporarily and stopping his attack. Albion then identifies himself as Teppei to Daichi by performing the same ringed rainbow.

Defeated by Albion, Amara reveals the event to Moco who shows disbelief and Amara having a bad feeling decides it is time for them to investigate, and use Macbeth Enterprises resources to mobilize their personal truck into Tanegashima which they disguise as a crepe-selling truck and themselves as vendors to avoid suspicion, encountering Akari and Daichi who ask for crepes with Akari commenting to herself that Moco's revealing belly-button "won't make it magical" but seeing an aroused Daichi makes her reconsider it. Amara and Moco drive their truck to Globe's Tanegashima base in the hopes of getting access through vending, but the guard tells them that access is not allowed, prompting Amara and Moco to knock the guards while fooling the camera footage, while Moco installs her "Moco's Pink Bunny" virus that hijacks all anti-personnel measures and disables them, using the confusion to blast part of the base with a bomb and finding Teppei and injuring Daichi.

Amara and Moco soon confront Teppei to whom they refer as Alaya, but he declines to his Avatar's name and Moco asks if he has betrayed them but Amara is confident he has not as he must have recovered his true memories by now. Globe personnel arrives and confront the duo demanding to know who they are, and they identify themselves as the Planetary Gears, Amarok and Malkin. Nishikubo demands to know if they only think of humans as food, which Amara acknowledges to, with Moco claiming that even if she dislikes wasting food, they are more than willing to fight as both parties ready their weapons.

During the conversation Akari is able to remove Moco's virus, enabling the security systems to operate against and prompting the duo to flee the scene while covering each others escapade with gunfire against the Globe personnel on their trails. Amara and Moco reach the truck which they use to enable Amara's mobile weapon the Tenrousei which easily destroys Globe's tanks and weaponry before landing on the base's beach. There Teppei confronts Amara and demands he stops his attack, and he consents if Teppei comes with them. However a weakened Daichi reaches Teppei who accuses him of acting tough and that Teppei's place is in Globe as their friend. Amara scorns at Daichi as a simple "Earthling" but Daichi holds his ground and summons his Livlaster. causing Amara to identify Daichi as a Neoteny and attack him, only to have the left arm of his machine blown by Daichi's Livlaster's beam. Seeing his machine damaged, Amara orders a nearby Moco to get on the mobile weapon and flee the place before she could shot at Teppei. During their leave Moco thinks that Teppei may have turned traitor but Amara shows confidence that he has not as the feeling of being a Kiltgang, and thus a superior species, makes it impossible that he would befriend humans.

Amara and Moco later reunite themselves with Kube, and the two share a talk and how much Kube values them for his plan while the duo feign a submissive position and respect for him. Behind his back the two hijack their way into the computer Puck, a place Kube thought only him could access, and Puck reveals his allegiance with the Planetary Gears behind Kube's back claiming himself that nothing brings him more joy than to serve them, with the duo complimenting Puck for his loyalty and ask for an unknown information.

Following this the duo prepare themselves to attack the Earth simultaneously in their Kiltgang forms and perform an Abreaction without Kube's knowledge. Malkin appears and starts her rampage against the Impacters and the Earth Engine with whom she has an even match. However Amarok appears soon after and assaults the Earth Engine dismembering its right arm. The Earth Engine is viciously assaulted by the duo in close combat and tries to keep its distance but is unable to face the two at the same time. Hana wants Teppei to support Daichi but he shows fear that he may become a full-fledged Kiltgang if he becomes Albion again, but Akari literally slaps sense into him to rescue Daichi and return alive, causing Hana and Teppei to awake Albion and protect Daichi from Malkin's blast. Seeing this Malkin accuses Albion of being a traitor while he keeps Malkin at bay. Furious and blaming Daichi that their companion has "gone mad" he forcefully grabs the Earth Engine and orders Malkin to blast them away as both Amarok and Albion are immortal and can revive as long as their Ego Block is intact but it will destroy the Earth Engine regardless if Albion interferes or not. However as Malkin shoots, Albion uses his own Ego Block to intercept the attack, blasting himself with Malkin. Shocked at the event Daichi frees himself from Amarok and with Akari's help, he blasts an hijacked Impacter to propel the Earth Engine and give it enough momentum to defeat Amarok. Following this incident Daichi, Teppei, Hana and Akari are established as The Midsummer's Knights to fight the Kiltgangs, with Teppei earning his own Livlaster and thus becoming a Neoteny.

The battle caused the Machine Goodfellows to be destroyed and renders them unusable and need some weeks of reparations to be operative again. Amara and Moco considering their circumstances, believe it is best to reawaken the rest of their comrades in order to boost their chances, using information provided by Puck of their location, Amara uses resources and equipment of Macbeth Enterprises without Kube's knowledge. The duo then go to Odaiba where their comrade Zin works as a casino dealer. Finding Daichi, Amara tries to provoke him by revealing it was him who killed his father nine years ago, but Daichi knowing of the incident and not falling for his provocation irritates Amara, and shoots at Daichi who evades the gunfire and flees to warn Moco that their enemies are there. 

As Zin is being reminded by high ranking Asanoda Yakuza member Kariya Haruhiko that he's nothing more than an asset to the family, a fact that frustrates him. Amara and Moco interrupt the scene with Amara beating Haruhiko before he can shoot his gun and Moco kisses Zin performing a Telepathic Kiss that restores Zin to his former Kiltgang self and awake to his singularity powers. Amara and Moco provide him with his own Machine Goodfellow the Jingaikyou to have him perform an Abreaction and become the Kiltgang Zimbardo in a time frame of 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

The Midsummer's Knights detect use of Orgone Energy and Daichi launches on the Earth Engine Ordinary to battle with Zin's Jingaikyou. Amara and Moco advising Zin to be careful but Zin is confident on his abilities much to Amara's chagrin. A long-range battle ensues and no party has clear advantage but Akari manages to hack information from Zin's machine and advices Daichi to strike the head as it is the machine's weak point. Amara and Moco warn Zin who quickly uses his own Singularity to disable all electronics leaving his own machine functional. Believing the Earth Engine Ordinary to be disabled Zin laughs at his victory, only to be thwarted by Daichi at the end as he uses the Livlaster to power his machine through Orgone Energy and beats Zin, who is catapulted on his cockpit away. Amara and Moco claim Zin was overconfident but he's nonetheless overjoyed to return to his true self and vows to consume the Earth's libido.

Seeing that they were hacked on their last battle by Akari, Amara and Moco consider her a threat and their next target. The Planetary Gears go to Shinjiku where their ally Ai is located. Disguised Zin attempts to kidnap Akari by posing as an idol scout while she's buying a new computer after her previous one was fried by Zin's Singularity. However Akari who hijacked Zin in the last battle knows full well that he's an enemy and lashes the computer at him before making a run, seemingly losing Zin's trail, Akari is terrified once Amara appears to her, and is sedated before she can flee. To avoid suspicion Amara acts like Akari is his girlfriend and carries her in his arms while Zin retrieves the computer. Meanwhile Moco infiltrates Ai's studio after she has a talk with her manager and expressing her insecurities. Moco claims to be a "scout" and kisses a terrified Ai, only to awake to her Aiatar personality.

Akari wakes up and Moco calls her a "script kiddie" while Amara corrects Moco by claiming Akari is a "Magical Girl" as the two mock Akari, Moco demands Akari uses "her magic" to disable the low-orbit Impacters as they are an obstacle, as she knows she has the skills to do so. Irritated at her silence Amara guns Akari gracing her cheek and scares her into submission. Zin accompanies Ai as she performs an Abreaction in the top building of Shinjiku with her Hebihanabi Machine Goodfellow. Daichi launches on the Ordinary but cannot fully reach the build while finding himself on a difficult position due to Hebihanabi's heavy firepower, blowing the Ordinary. Zin confident that Daichi cannot win, mockingly claims "no more bets" while informing Moco of the situation. While Globe considers using low-orbit Impacters, they are soon hacked by Akari and rendered useless. Daichi manages to make his way through the Hebihanabi and has both of the Ordinary's guns destroyed but he opens his cockpit and shoots with the Livlaster, piercing through the Hebihanabi's armor and destroying its head, thus interrupting the transformation. 

Zin informs Moco of the situation and Amara in decides to have Akari set the Globe bases to auto-destroy themselves as payback. Akari seemingly does as they demand but informs them that she has in fact hijacked military systems all over the world including Impacters, ready to launch nukes on all the planet and leaving it a wasteland if she's not released in 10 minutes, admitting that she cannot use this "magic" again as the nations are likely to prepared for another hacking of this nature. Amara scorns at her threat claiming that if that happens the Earth will be destroyed. Akari agrees and claims that if the Earth becomes a wasteland and the Planetary Gears remain alive due to their immortality it will leave them waiting several billions of years before another lifeforms that suits their needs appears. Irritated Moco kisses Akari and is surprised to see that Akari is not bluffing. Reluctantly Amara decides to release Akari while she tells them that "Aliens can't beat Magical Girls".

The Planetary Gears move then to recruit their companion Lin who is a biker racer and fanatic of speed. And find her on a laboratory owned by Mao Marimura and on a machine that enables her to analyze her brainwaves while she dreams. Amara and Moco interrupt the experiment and Amara kisses Lin, reawakening her as their comrade. Surprised at the change in the brainwaves signatures, Mao asks Amara and Moco if they are Designer Children, and they along Lin respond they are the Planetary Gears, before knocking all personnel unconscious. 

Amara, Moco and Lin encounter Daichi and Amara ponders if he should kill him but Lin wants to face Daichi himself. Daichi and Lin engage in a conversation with Lin claiming that humans are weak and flawed, and limited because of their short lifespans. Daichi refutes and asks why they believe they are the "real humans". Unable to reach an understanding an irritated Lin pulls a gun on Daichi but he kicks it off her hands and runs away. Lin gives chase on a nearby forest but is held at gunpoint by Daichi, as Lin admires Daichi's speed while he responds he was a runner on his school. As Lin gives Daichi her gun, she uses the moment to kick Daichi away and run. Lin reunites with her companions and enters her Machine Goodfellow the Ningyohime while claiming she's gonna get payback at Daichi for before, which confuses Amara and Moco as they do not know what she means.

Lin performs an Abreaction on her underwater machine and Daichi pursuits her on the Ordinary. After a lengthy battle underwater with Daichi having difficulties matching the Ningyohime's speed, he eventually manages to cut its head off. However it is too late and Lin's cockpit successfully ejects while she transforms into her Type-4 Kiltgang form Lieban. Quickly assaulting the Impacters on her way, Teppei suggests to Globe that they let him pilot his own device the Nebula Engine to stop Lieban. Daichi and Nishikubo agree and Teppei faces Lieban who uses her amazing speed and ability to perform hit and run attacks to overwhelm Teppei, eventually becoming so fast she can attack him from multiple directions simultaneously. Teppei senses the flow of Orgone Energy and uses it to pinpoint Lieban's exact location to attack her, defeating her for good, surprising Lieban that there is another Neoteny, which she communicates to her comrades back in Earth.

Amara and Moco decide to reawaken Setsuna to whom they refer as Siren-Sama. Setsuna is in the hands of Mao who has raised Setsuna after the Kanda Incident. Eventually Daichi and Teppei pinpoint the possible location of Setsuna at Mao's laboratory since it has connections with Macbeth Enterprises. However Amara and Moco also arrive and the two assault Daichi and Teppei with their sub-machine guns prompting a gunfight on the forest. While Mao has Setsuna placed on a machine that analyzes her while she sleeps, she treasuring "her Setsuna" kisses her, but unknowingly, this causes Setsuna to read Mao's intentions of using her as a vessel to prolong her lifespan as Setsuna as a Designer Child is able to carry consciousness of others. Setsuna realizing she has been used, pushes Mao away and runs. Before Mao could pursue, she's intercepted and killed by her former assistant who follows orders of a certain "Robin".

Amara and Moco manage to ambush Daichi and prepare to kill him for causing Teppei's defection, but Teppei uses his Livlaster to shield Daichi. Fleeing and reaching the laboratory, Amara expresses shock that Teppei has become a Neoteny. Moco checks the laboratory and is unable to find Setsuna but discovers that somebody was killed and removed but that the blood is not of Setsuna. Seeing little success the duo retreats.

Amara and Moco decide to recruit the last of their dormant companions Baku who is the undisputed champion of the illegal arena hosted by the Asanoda family after being sold to the family several years ago after Kumiko Asanoda bought him. In the arena Baku easily defeats his challenger Gimerock Bomber in a single strike despite the advantage of his butterfly knife, and is immediately after challenged by Amara himself who enters as a surprise challenger, being the first in the arena's history. Amara begins his assault against Baku, proving himself an even match to the champion resorting to several kicks and later an aerial attack before being intercepted and pinned to the ground by Baku. Before he can strike Amara, he disappears only to appear behind Baku's back and holding him with a lock while whispering in Baku's ears about their "previous plays". During this moment Baku has a small glimpse of his memories back, but terrified by the event he demands Amara to stay away while a quake begins to take place. Moco who is witnessing from afar realizes that Baku's heart is shaking the space itself, as the quake causes a temporary blackout, giving Amara the chance to disappear.

Amara is later intercepted by Haruhiko and his men, who was watching the match and remembering Amara as the man who beat him in the casino. Haruhiko asks Amara if he remembers him, but he claims he does not, until Zin appears and clarifies his identity to Amara. Haruhiko is surprised to see Zin with Amara while Zin warns Haruhiko and his men that the closer-by Iron Pipes are "dangerous". Haruhiko scoffs at Zin while pointing his gun at him for his betrayal, but Zin uses his Singularity to psychically control one of the tubes an impales Haruhiko in the chest while the duo make their escape in the confusion taking Haruhiko's death for granted. Meanwhile Moco awaits for Baku and mockingly jokes that he's mean for letting a girl like her "alone". Baku asks if Moco is with Amara, and she confirms this saying that they have come to "scout him". Baku says he does not want them to destroy who he is currently, but Moco says they can't afford that while pulling a gun on him but Baku quickly intercepts it. Moco reacts in surprise as Baku supposedly does not hit women, but he merely responds that "long ranged weapon are against the rules" while jumping on a truck and making his escape.

The following morning Amara, Moco and Zin are drinking wine in their truck while Amara comments that Baku is not to be underestimated as his combat abilities rival or exceed that of Amara himself, and that his singularity is still unknown. Moco then says it was a mistake to face him, and Amara happily admits to it, but that he couldn't hold his urge to face Baku. Zin contemplates about the mysterious Magus Incident that took place 1 year ago, in which a ship exploded without causalities, and how despite he killed Haruhiko that his death wasn't revealed in the news, while the trio decide that it is best to finish the job by the day as they had Baku's Machine Goodfellow. 

The three of them decide to kidnap Kumiko and use her as bait to lure Baku, who makes his escape after a jealous Haruhiko who was revealed to be alive and without injuries, tries to kill him. Baku encounters the Planetary Gears and demands Kumiko's release. Amara agrees on the condition Baku is to follow his instructions. Amara then has Moco kiss Baku to reawaken his memories as Zin releases Kumiko having no more need for her. Having followed Baku, Haruhiko shoots Baku behind his back but Kumiko protects Baku with her body, while Zin wonders why Haruhiko is alive.

Surprisingly Kumiko's wounds heal and then she finally realizes the truth of her life. Moco who caught a glimpse of Baku's memories explains that one year ago during the Magus Incident she had activated a bomb to destroy the ship and kill all the Asanoda Family members present including herself, in order to stop her father's child trafficking business, but Baku used his restorative Singularity to revive everyone. As Kumiko asks Baku to let her die as she cannot bear her nightmares, his power fades Kumiko and everybody who was revived disappears in a glowing green light as Kumiko wishes for Baku's happiness. Zin explains that a Singularity cannot revive people and they were merely brought back as illusion-like beings, as Amara claims this is because they were not "real humans" as he urges Baku to reclaim his role as a Planetary Gear. Grief-stricken, Baku accepts claiming the planet is a nightmare and that he's going to devour it. 

Baku enters his Machine Goodfellow, the Bakuretsujuu and attempts an Abreaction, which is detected by the Midsummer's Knights and Daichi launches his Earth Engine Ordinary to face the threat. Amara mockingly rings an arena bell as he narrates the fight, witnessing Daichi pulling a pistol while claiming that "long ranged weapon are against the rules" before it is knocked out by Baku's strike while complimenting the Bakuretsujuu's performance over the Ordinary. The Bakuretsujuu uses strechable legs and knuckles to land hard strikes and dominate the battle, as Daichi is left in awe of his opponent's skill, later realizing that it is Baku remembering his fighting style from the Arena. Baku who is still in grief, attacks Daichi in a rage, as he notices that despite being strong he does not feel anything from Baku and uses an opening to defeat the Bakuretsujuu. After the fight the Planetary Gears take their leave in a ship with Moco attracted by the bear strap on Baku's bag, but he demands she does not touch it. Moco asks what Baku is looking at, and he responds that at his town, while somehow dismissing the fact himself.

Amara and Moco are later summoned by Kube who forbids his servant from giving them wine as he says they are underage, while scolding the two for breaking Machine Goodfellows. Moco merely responds they broke it on mock battles trying to gather data, but Kube shows disbelief as they also took and used several Orgone Capsules. Disappointed at the two, he says they are forbidden from using his assets without permission. After the reunion Amara and Moco reunite with Puck, annoyed at Kube for treating them like kids as in Amara's words "he has only lived decades" wants to have Kube removed once and for all, but Puck advices otherwise as they still need him alive to use the assets of Macbeth Enterprises. Moco then devises a plan to use the Legacy a satellite made by Seton Company for Kube's use in the Kivotos Plan, and have it crash-land on Tanegashima. Seeing that this will destroy the island, killing Globe and at the same time cause trouble for Kube, Amara green-lights the plan and asks Puck if he can do it, and he consents.

After over a dozen hours, remaining undetected by security systems due to its relatively small size of only 100 meters, the Legacy arrives at Earth's atmosphere with only mere minutes before the satellite strikes the island as Amara and Moco watch with joy that nothing can stop it now, leaving Globe in a desperate situation as with a bulk of 100.000 tons, not even Impacters can completely destroy it or reduce the damage from the impact. However Hana goes to the beach and activates the Kiltgang ship, the Blume and has it release a concentrated beam of Orgone Energy at the Legacy, destroying it entirely. Amara and Moco who witness the event are angered at Hana's intervention.

Amara and Moco contemplate that the use of the Blume's weapon, may have lead it to waste most of its energy, therefore rendering obsolete, although they still ponder the possibility of using a Livlaster, while also reflecting on their own lack of Orgone Energy and the need for Setsuna to fuel their plans. Amara asks where the rest of their comrades are and Moco says she does not know, leaving Amara annoyed that they are leaving everything to the two of them, but Moco claims that it could be because the Earth is influencing in a way they are not aware of, as she remembers Teppei's defection. Amara suggests using their Singularities to attempt to track Setsuna as he claims he can't find her with his, and leaves it to Moco. The two then venture on the streets attempting to track Setsuna, who still unawakened makes a run with Hana as she warns her that the two are dangerous and closing in. Cornered on a dead-end, Hana handles Pitz to Setsuna and has her hide, while she confronts Amara, who shows his anger at her intervention and he grabs her firmly. Pitz however releases itself from Setsuna's handle and rushes to bite Amara's ear, who swiftly catches the animal and tosses it against a wall, injuring Pitz, while Setsuna and Hana use the chance to run as Amara was hurt.

Keeping on their track Amara and Moco follow Hana and Setsuna on a plaza. Hana once more decides to act as bait for Amara, however he ignores her and instead turns his attention to Setsuna. She attempts escape but Moco appears from behind and grabs her squirrel Lappa. Amara subsequently, kisses Setsuna, reawakening her as Siren, causing Lappa to mysteriously disappear. The two Planetary Gears then bow before Setsuna much to a confused audience as they identify each other as Planetary Gears while revealing their Planetary Sign. Amara reveals to Setsuna that she was with the Princess of Blume prior to her awakening, surprised at knowing that Hana is Princess Blume, Setsuna orders the duo to inform them the events that occurred, and Amara agrees. Moco suggests that Globe may have their Engine series ready for use, so Amara decides that he and Moco are to use their own Machine Goodfellows.

Piloting their mobile weapons, Amara rushes at Daichi and Hana at the beach and attacks them with Teppei backing Daichi as the two attack Amara's Tenrousei who proves too fast for them to hit. Daichi and Teppei enter on their launches Earth and Nebula Engines, but Moco uses the chance to use her own Mokouto Machine Goodfellow and catches Hana, using her as a hostage and threaten to kill her if they intervened. Amara and Moco proceed to force Daichi and Teppei to a back to back, while facing several gunfire from the Machine Goodfellows, but seeing what the two are willing to do for her safety, Hana decides to summon her own Livlaster, the Blossom. Upon seeing this, a shocked and horrified Moco stops her attack immediately. Before she can react, an enraged Hana blasts the Machine Goodfellow's hand that keeps her captive and proceeds to shoot twice, both attacks hit Moco despite her evasive maneuvers with Amara expressing surprise at the fact Hana can control the beams, and concludes the Blossom must have reached its Ecdysis mode. As vengeance for the injured Pitz, Hana angrily fires at the Tenrousei which likewise hits the machine despite its attempt to evade it. Moco warns Amara they can't take more Orgone beams. Agreeing to the danger, the two retreat with Setsuna watching from afar.

Following their fight, Amara and Moco are called by Kube, who unbeknownst to them is possessed by Puck, and puts a front apologizing for his previous scolding, expressing faith on them and leaving the development of the schedule to the duo as usual. Amara and Moco contact Puck, as the two are confused by Kube's sudden change and ask Puck if he did something. Puck merely replies he used subliminal messages in order to realize his feelings for Hitomi, which in turn released all the stress he had accumulated by planning to be humanity's next leader. Not majorly concerned by Kube whom they believe now a simple man, the duo retreat content that he won't trouble them anymore.

Eventually a much more secure and confident Ai sings before her audience, much to the surprise of her manager which wonders what happened to her, as Ai claims to her idols that she will "devour them" as they take it as a joke and cheer her. After her concert, Ai rejoins the rest of her comrades in a new underground location selected by Amara jokingly complaining about forcing an idol as her to go to such an obscure place, while Setsuna uses her songs to siphon Orgone Energy from the surrounding area, as Moco and Zin contemplate from their monitor that they were able to find a proper location with people with large amounts of destructive impulses to siphon Orgone Energy from, by merely checking the internet. As Setsuna finishes, the rest of the Planetary Gears bow to their leader identifying each other as Planetary Gears. Amara expresses his apologies for their inability of taking over the Earth and that now all members are reunited. Setsuna notices that Albion is missing, and Amara, Moco, Ai and Lin reveal to her that he has destroyed his ego block, therefore ceasing to be a Planetary Gear and that he has allied with Earth in stopping them, as well as becoming a Neoteny, much to the surprise of both Setsuna and Baku who were unaware. The members continue by expressing that Blume has also turned against them, despite being part of their plan, putting them in a complicated situation. Putting their plan into motion Setsuna says she was able to gather only one Orgone capsule, so Ai offers to attack this time and Setsuna complies.

Preparing for their attack Amara has both Baku and Zin stand on their Machine Goodfellows in case the enemies discover their location, although Amara is confident they should be safe. Setsuna asks a thoughtful Baku about what crosses his mind, and Baku wonders why would Teppei betray them. Setsuna asks how were his years prior to his awakening and Baku says that it was a mostly negative experience. Setsuna says it was the same for her but not completely, and says she cannot forgive humans for attempting to use her, but quickly contemplates that as they are gonna feed upon humanity's libido, that they would be using them as well, while she wonders what happened to Lappa.

Ai successfully Abreactions, and awakens her Type-5 Kiltgang form Aiatar, but since the Earth and Nebula Engines are under repairing and both Daichi and Teppei are injured, Hana is sent in the Flare Engine to stop her. Aiatar attacks the Flare Engine by shooting energy rings, which Hana manages to evade subconsciously using her precognitive abilities. Hana attempts to return fire but Aiatar has the funnels of her dress create a barrier that absorbs the Orgone Energy from the Flare Engine's cannons, thus powering herself. Aiatar uses her funnels to immobilize the Flare Engine, as Globe attempts to support her but are interrupted by a solar flare which cuts communications. Aiatar prepares her main beam weapon ready to destroy Hana, but the solar flare affects her visibility as well. Hana no longer imprisoned but unable to see, approaches Aiatar by sensing the Orgone Energy she absorbed by her and evades Aiatar's attacks as she approaches, unleashing a full blast at point-blank range, thus destroying Aiatar.

Following their defeat, Setsuna sings once more filling two Orgone Capsules, but the siphoning has caused several people in Tokyo to fall into a coma. Moco expresses her gratitude to Siren as Zin claims that one of them, Amara, Moco and him has to stay behind. Amara asks where the others are, and Zin claims that they are leaving it to him. Amara annoyed says that their teamwork is lacking, causing Zin to mock his declaration, saying that Amara may be getting influenced by earthlings too. Amara asks Setsuna if she's still concerned about the earthlings, saying that they have finite lives, and further elaborating that when a finite life acquires sentience, they develop destructive desires in their heart, therefore rendering them worthless unless they serve as their food. Setsuna merely comments that the Planetary Gears were once mortal as well. Moco says that since they have two capsules if they can allow a "ladies first", to which Amara has no objection to let her go, and chooses his place with Zin with a coin toss that Zin wins. Amara asks if he cheated, but Zin says he wouldn't do that to a comrade claiming that "teamwork is important".

Moco and Zin successfully Abreaction becoming Malkin and the Type-6 Kiltgang Zinbalt. The Earth Engine and Nebula Engine are deployed, but Salty Dog deploys their new Cerberus Impacter. The Cerberus intercepts the Kiltgangs first, causing confusion to the aliens since they never saw the Impacter, as the machine demonstrates its abilities, using their magnetic connection to move erratically and fast while bombarding the duo. However Malkin uses her hacking abilities and takes control of the Impacter, which she uses to attack Daichi and Teppei, in conjunction with their own offensive to put the pilots at a disadvantage and push them closer and closer to Earth. Daichi and Teppei forced back to back, decide spin and shoot erratically in order to hit the Cerberus and destroy one of their units as Akari manages to hack control back from the other two,  but are immediately destroyed by Malkin's beams as the aliens further press the Impacters closer to Earth. However Akari manages to find traces of the signal used by Malkin to hack the Cerberus, which she uses to hack into the Kiltgangs and disable their movement, allowing Daichi and Teppei to attack their Ego Blocks and destroy their bodies, but the Ego Blocks survive, as Teppei claims they can only be destroyed by the owner's will for now.

The Planetary Gears in Earth explain that for a brief moment their Kiltgangs forms were hacked, and Moco is confident that it was the "magical girl". Amara seeing that all of their attacks have been intercepted until this point regardless of approach, suggests to Setsuna, that the next time they attack, that they perform a full-scale assault on Earth with all of their members, leaving her surprised.

Amara and Moco rendezvous with Puck, and discuss about the Livlasters and how they could theorically be capable of limitess outputs of energy and how the Midsummer's Knights' samples can evolve even further than their current power but still uncapable of unlimited power. Moco asks Puck why the Planetary Gears can't use shoot the Livlasters, but he's unable to give a proper response, being able to only share theories from Globe scientists that state that Livlasters are in fact extradimensional lifeforms that take the form of guns, and thus Amara concludes that they are simple not compatible with them. Changing the topic Moco asks Puck if he's able to keep Kube under control as she mentions that he was dumped by Hitomi. Puck expresses confusion as he claims to not know about that, but Moco further informs him that Kube (unbestknown to them possessed by Puck) has been going after every woman of the company, prompting her to label Kube a "monkey" causing Puck severe confusion (mostly due to the fact that manipulating a body and the concept of fidelity are alien to him).

During the evening Moco who has a shower barges in semi-nude into Amara's office where she finds him with a computer and asks him what he is doing. Amara replies he's done playing and that he plans to have Puck look for an area with high-density libido so that Setsuna can gather the needed Orgone Energy for their full assault plan. Moco changes the subject by asking Amara if he is interested in her avatar body, seemingly trying to seduce him. Amara however denies any interest with indifference. Disappointed Moco merely replies that Amara "has no libido".

They eventually witness the Blume taking flight towards space so Amara, Moco, Zin and Ai meet at a cafe to discuss their plans thinking that Globe launched the Blume in a likely iniciative to attack them so they decide to attack first before they can use the Blume. Amara decides that Ai should go and Zin questions the move, but Moco affirms that since Ai is the only Planetary Gear that Globe has not identified, she's the perfect choice, Amara further explains that Zin should share his magnetic Singularity through a Telepath Kiss, while Ai jokingly states that Amara is awful for having an idol such as her disguise to meet in a cafe and subsequently ask to commit a terrorist act. Moco interrupts while watching a video of Ai and mentions that she has a certain liking to Ai's effort in her idol carreer. Ai takes the compliment well and responds that "it is her job after all".

Due to her idol status, Ai is chosen to be governor of Tenkaidou for a day, thus being able to successfully infiltrate into Globe's operation. Ai acts as cheerful and normal as possible attracting all the people of the Tenkaidou with her demeanor. She uses her facade to interview Tsubaki Yomatsuri about the Tenkaidou, but she manages to avoid giving out information by masquerading the Blume as an anti-asteroid weapon that was deployed using advanced laser technology. Ai knowing that such feat is impossible keeps the facade, and eventually meets with Mia, Rena and eventually Hana, Daichi and Teppei in the ship's pool insisting to be called by her name while acting as friendly as possible. After finishing their time with them, she somehow manages to go to the garage undetected where she prepares her Machine Goodfellow and loads an Orgone Capsule, though mostly to power Zin's Singularity rather than perform an Abreaction. 

Ai is eventually witness to Hirosue's plot to take the Tenkaidou hostage and finds interest on the turn of events but continues her mission, using Zin's magnetic Singularity to pull debris from destroyed space ships right into the Tenkaidou. Teppei pilots the Nebula Engine to destroy the debris, but Ai keeps using her power to keep draging more debris. Teppei manages to destroy it but Ai keeps her offensive high and attracts more and more debris than the Nebula can handle, eventually harming the Impacter. Ai pulls out so much debris that the Tenkaidou is in grave danger of destruction. Daichi pilots the Earth Engine equipped with the Plasmagnum which is powerful enough to destroy the debris, but since Teppei is in the line of fire he would be destroyed. Daichi is hesitant at first but realizing he has no other option, he shoots and destroys everything, but the Nebula miraclously survives through unexplained teleportation. Ai's Machine Goodfellow is eventually tracked and has its Orgone Capsule destroyed, forcing Ai to retreat.


As an advanced alien race, the Kiltgangs have several powerful abilities at their disposal. The most fearsome of them is the ability to absorb libido through proximity, killing any victim presumably instantly. On their Kiltgang forms they appear as giant mechas, with great resistance, the ability to use beams of light for varying effects, and great maneuverability. The Kiltgangs possess a core known as an Ego Block, which appears as a block of different coloration. So as long as this block is functional the Kiltgangs are immortal. Currently, the Ego Block can only be destroyed by the owner's will.

Even in their avatar forms through the Designer Child bodies, they have shown to be competent fighters and exhibit supernatural powers of their own, which vary from individual to individual.


Current Members: