Sarama Engine
First Appearance Your Smile Means Everything
Manufacturer Salty Dog
Operators Unmanned

The Sarama Engine is a Unmanned Impactor designed by Saltydog to support The Kivotos Plan.


The Sarama Engine at first looks like a large aircraft featuring a bestial face of sorts. Upon transforming in its alternate forms it adopts a more canine appearance.

Weapons & Abilities

The Sarama Engine is a large unmanned aircraft unit, which is specially adept at pursuit. Despite its large size it is fairly adept and overwhelms opposition through a high barrage of beams.

  • Support Unit: Sarameya: The Sarama deploys four smaller support units referred to as Sarameya. They are spherical in shape and fly in formations deploying beam as its sole offensive ability. However they can be a potent offensive as they work in groups. While the Sarameya are in action the Sarama takes no action.
  • Battle Armor: The Sarama's armor is noticeably thick, to the point that any attack from the Ordinary series is ineffective. Only the Blume is known to have enough power to destroy it.
  • Hunter Mode: Once the Sarameya are destroyed, the Sarama can enter a different battle form in which it deploys a set of limbs that make it take on a more canine form. During this form the Sarama adepts an offensive stance demonstrating its true power.
    • Hunter Claw: The Sarama reveals a pair of frontal large claws. They are strong enough to catch and hold other aircraft. They also feature beam cannons in the "palms".
    • Hunter Thrusters: The Sarama deploys a series of thrusters taking the form wings and a pair of "rear legs". These limbs augment the Sarama's speed enabling it to catch targets much more reliably.
    • Hunter Cannon: The Sarama's mouth opens revealing a large cannon which serves as its strongest weapon. It can use this cannon along the Hunter Claw's beams for greater firepower that can (albeit briefly) clash with the Blume's cannon.



  • Sarama in Hindu mythology is a mythological being said to be the mother of all dogs.
    • Dogs are given the matronymic(nameĀ inherited from one's mother) of Sarameya means "offspring of Sarama"
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