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Teppei Arashi

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Teppei Arashi - Flight Suit

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First Appearance Earth Engine Open Fire
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroshi Kamiya


28 January
Gender Male
Age 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Globe, Planetary Gears (Defected)
Teppei Arashi (嵐 テッペイ Arashi Teppei?) is one of the main protagonists of the Captain Earth television series.


Teppei is a 17-year-old boy who harbors powers beyond those of humans, as well as a sense of alienation. He met a young Daichi Manatsu on Tanegashima, four months prior to Daichi's father's "accident" and became friends. He wore / kept a blue necklace from Daichi because of a game that they made: if one impresses the other, they must return the necklace. Teppei rarely smiles at anyone and seemed happy when Daichi wasn't afraid of his weird powers.

Being mostly a test subject for Globe and to an extent Salty Dog, he remained quiet and reserved, but became more lively and expressive after meeting with Daichi once more and was overjoyced when Daichi had destroyed a device that had him restrained and showcased his boomerang to both him and Hana. As a result of his reclusion he can be rather naive at times, as he was the only one that was not remotely flustered of seeing a nude Hana.

After learning of his true origins as a Planetary Gear he becomes more reserved and conflicted, being afraid of his true nature, and being fearful of what he could become if he ever became Albion once more. However he eventually renounces his immortality by sacrificing his own Ego Block, deciding to live as Teppei Arashi rather than as a Planetary Gear. Although he at times feels useless for not being able to contribute to the Midsummer's Knights through Daichi's encouragement he is able to do his best and becomes a reliable ally showing piloting abilities that surpass those of Daichi himself, being fairly supportive and cooperative, and fiercely loyal to his comrades, expressing his resolution to kill and destroy any enemy if ever needed.


Teppei is a 17 year old boy with purple hair and red eyes. When in casual clothes Teppei wears a purple long sleeve shirt with black pants and matching shoes. Well on mission Teppei wears  a blue flight suit that matchs the Nebula Engine in colour.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As a Designer Child he formerly was capable of becoming a Type-3 Kiltgang through a Machine Goodfellow however he lost this ability when his Ego Block containing his essence as a Planetary Gear was destroyed in a previous battle, he mysteriously gained his own Livlaster right after.

As a Neoteny, Teppei is able to summon and control a Livlaster, a mysterious gun able to generate and fire Orgone energy. He can use this energy to create powerful force field and feed it to his Nebula engine. 



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