Kivotos Plan (キヴォトス計画, Kivitosu Keikaku?), is the term used for one of two methods for humanity to face the Kiltgang threat.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Kivotos Plan is envisioned by Globe's Ark Faction, as the only solution for humanity to survive the Kiltgang threat. The plan is to have a selected group of humans in the Tenkaido in a dormant state through Cryogenesis, far from the danger of the Kiltgangs. Therefore if the aliens are successful on their assault on Earth, a sufficient amount of humans will remain alive for possible repopulation.

The Kivotos Plan is extensively supported by different parties, one such part is Salty Dog and organization that attempts to promote the Kivotos Plan extensivelly and plans to use Hana Mutou as a cornerstone in the plan. The reason for this is largely unknown, but hinted to be because of Hana's alien nature and her connection to the Blume ship. Other supportive party albeit for personal interests is Masaki Kube who plotted to use the Kivotos Plan for his own benefit, in order to rule over the next world through the selection of humans of "his choice".

Despite the fact the Kivotos Plan is in essence a last resort procedure, the support given from its different parties is enough to cause eventual friction with Globe's Interception Faction. The main reason for this conflict is the fact that currently, Earth's technology is unable to destroy the Kiltgangs' Ego Block, therefore making it theorically impossible to ever defeat them, causing friction with the two movements. This friction goes so far so that Salty Dog has in instances shown itself antagonistic towards Globe personnel and in some cases attempt to harm them or even kill them.

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