The Midsummer Knights
Episode 7 - Midsummer Knights - Title Slate
(生ミッドサマーズナイツ, Tanjou Middosamazu Naitsu )
Episode Data
Previous Kivotos Plan
Next Sign From the Dark
Writer Yōji Enokido
Director Toshinori Narita
Airing Date
Japanese May 17, 2014
Daichi Manatsu, Akari Yomatsuri, Hana Mutou, Teppei Arashi, Pitz, Tsutomu Nishikubo, Rita Hino, Peter Westvillage, Amara, Moco, Masaki Kube, Sander, Trias,  
Mecha [Show/Hide]
Earth Engine, Amarok, Malkin, Albion,
Kivotos Plan is the seventh episode of Captain Earth.



Amara and Moco join forces in a combined attack on Earth and both Daichi and Teppei struggle against them. In the occasion, Daichi is about to be killed when Teppei makes an unexpected choice to save him. 

Act OneEdit

Act TwoEdit



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