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The Operation Summer
Episode 22 - Operation Summer - Title Slate.png
(Hatsudou Opereshon Sama, 発動オペレーションサマー)
Episode Data
Previous The Meaning of a Captain
Next A Midsummer Night's Dream
Writer Unknown
Director Unknown
Airing Date
Japanese August 30, 2014
Daichi Manatsu, Teppei Arashi, Hana Mutou, Akari Yomatsuri, Tsubaki Yomatsuri, Rena, Mia, Puck, Masaki Kube, Amara, Moco, Ai, Zin, Peter Westvillage, Tsutomu Nishikubo, Sander, Trias, Rita Hino, Setsuna, Baku, Lin,
Mecha [Show/Hide]
Earth Engine, Garm Engine, Cerberus,

The Operation Summer (Hatsudou Opereshon Sama, 発動オペレーションサマー?) is the twenty-second episode of Captain Earth.


After averting the previous crisis, Daichi and the others are ready to begin the Operation Summer, but Salty Dog activates their most powerful weapon in order to stop them. Meanwhile, the Planetary Gears succeed to gather enough energy to launch a full scale attack.


Act One[]

Act Two[]