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Tsubaki Yomatsuri
Tsubaki Yomatsuri
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Tsubaki Yomatsuri (夜祭 ツバキ, Yomatsuri Tsubaki?) is the head of the Tenkaido. She is Akari's mother and Tsutomu's ex-wife.

Appearnce Edit

She has dark purple hair and purple eyes. She wears a black Tenkaido vest with maroon and black bodysuit , aswell as black shoes.

Personality Edit

Tsubaki is a level-headed, compasionate and wise individual, which earns her respect amongst her subordinates in the spaceship. She always supports Globe and mostly Tsutomu's plans and goals, despite the ending of their marriage she has faith on him.

Tsubaki however is deeply concerned with Akari and has regrets about being unable to be a mother to her and how this may have affected Akari negatively. Through Hana Mutou's encouragement, she is made to realize that Akari does not her, and that her daughter is fine and with good friends. This causes Tsubaki to view Hana as another daughter who likewise starts to see a motherly figure on her.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Being the Director of the Tenkaido, Tsubaki has full authority over the entire ship, and to a lesser extent the Kivotos spaceship that is housed deep inside the Tenkaido. While she can seemingly manage authorization to enter either ship, she does not seem fully capable of negating access, at least to some parties such as Salty Dog, this is likely because the Kivotos is neutral ground and subject of interest of many such parties. Although this changes near the end of the series prior to Operation Summer, this is likely to be because of an ongoing conflict between Globe and Salty Dog, as well as the latter organization growing more aggressive and underhanded, which may have caused some loss privileges.






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