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First Appearance "Sign from the Dark"
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Unknown


Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
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Zin (ジン, Jin?) is the Designer Child that plays host to the Planetary Gear known as Zinbalt. He is the 4th member to of the Planetary Gears be introduced and the 4th to be reawakened.


Zin was previously a rather friendly but reclusive teenager. Although he was talented in apparently many fields, he was often taken advantage of by others, something he reluctantly accepted and eventually left him frustrated as he felt he could have nothing of his own.

After retrieving his memories, he becomes much more daring, acquires a penchant for mockery, and shows himself more arrogant, believing that he could now achieve anything no matter what. He also displays great cruelty as he can kill people and show himself completely unconcerned at doing so.


Zin is a fair skinned and slim teenager with green eyes and magenta hair that covers his left eye. He previously wore a standard casino dealer suit.

Currently he wears a purple and magenta colored coat with purple gloves, pants and boots.




Skills & Abilities[]

Zin has an undetailed ability to seemingly manipulate results in Casino games, which seemingly allows him to get result he desires. He also has a Singularity that allows him to disable electronic devices causing them to malfunction or even break except, although equipment reliant on Orgone Energy is unaffected.

His signature Singularity however allows him to manipulate metal either through magnetism or telekinesis, embedding them in a reddish light and turning them into a deadly projectile to such an extent that a regular iron pipe can be used as a stabbing weapon, or floating debris in space. The extent of this Singularity seems to be limited to metal that is largely unused (i.e. he cannot control a held gun, or rip apart a spaceship). Although he can share his Singularity through a Telepathic Kiss, it is unknown if it remains just as powerful, or even if he completely loses it.