Captain Earth Wiki
(ジンバルト, Jinbaruto)
Designer Takeshi Yoshioka

Masaki Asai Takayuki Yanase

First Appearance Sign From the Dark
Unit Type Kiltgang
Speciality Long Ranged Combat
Manufacturer Macbeth Enterprises
Affiliation Planetary Gears
Special Equipment [Show/Hide]
2 x Shoulder Mounted Cannon (Kiltgang)

Rifle (Machine Goodfellow)

Zinbalt (ジンバルト, Jinbaruto?) is a Type-6 Kiltgang that has a red Machine Goodfellow unit named Jingaikyou. Its human avatar is Zin.



Zinbalt like the rest of the Kiltgang has thin limbs his being colored brown and black. Zinbalt has maroon armor that covers his chest and hips. It has a large headpiece and cape that is made from the same material. His two large shoulder cannons when not in use stay stacked covering his arms and some of his body. Zinbalt's ego block is located on the right side of his face making it look like he has a single eye.

Weapons & Abilities[]

Shoulder Mounted Cannon: Zinbalt's only weapons are his cannons, that appear to be effective at long range. Zinbalt relied on Malkin to take out the two Cerberus units when they got close.

Machine Goodfellow[]


Jingaikyou has a pink body and thick legs with red fins attached. Around the Neural Maneuver System, Jingaikyou has red armor.

Weapons & Abilities[]

Flight: Jingaikyou unlike other Machine Goodfellow uses a giant fan attached to his back to fly.

Rifle: Jingaikyou carries a large rifle that fire a red energy, it is assumed that this is Orgone energy.